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For Older Drivers, All Cars Aren’t Created Equal

“Mom had two fender benders this year—I wonder if she is safe behind the wheel?” As seniors experience the normal changes of aging and health conditions such as arthritis, vision problems and memory loss, they often wonder if it’s safe to keep driving. Family members wonder, too, and they often pressure an older loved one […]
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Measuring Liquid Medication? Don’t Use a Kitchen Spoon!

Many older adults have trouble swallowing pills, so their doctor may prescribe a liquid version of the medications they need to take. Other medications, such as cold syrups and antacids, already typically come in liquid form It’s important to take these medications as directed. For example, we’re usually advised to shake the container so that […]
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Alden Park Strathmoor Accredited by The Joint Commission

Alden Park Strathmoor was recently accredited by The Joint Commission, which certifies healthcare companies such as hospitals and doctors’ offices based on their commitment to meet rigorous quality care standards. Joint Commission accreditation demonstrates that we exceed state and federal standards and are continuously monitored to ensure we meet those heightened standards and expectations of care. […]
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